Tyler ICU & – Zitha Zam ft. Khalil Harrison (Leak)



Tyler ICU

“Zitha Zam” by Tyler ICU and featuring Khalil Harrison is a striking track that seamlessly blends the soulful vibes of Amapiano with an infectious rhythm.

Tyler ICU, known for his adept production skills, teams up with to create a soundscape that is both intricate and deeply emotive.

The track opens with a smooth and inviting melody, immediately setting a relaxed yet captivating tone. DJ Mohamed, D2mza, and Ceeka RSA recently worked together when they dropped La Way featuring Khalil Harrison, Tumelo ZA, and Tyler ICU.

The beats are meticulously crafted, with Tyler ICU’s signature touch evident in the intricate percussion and deep basslines that drive the rhythm forward.’s input adds a layer of authenticity and depth, making the track resonate on multiple levels.

Khalil Harrison’s vocals are a highlight, delivering lyrics with a smooth and heartfelt tone. His voice complements the instrumental perfectly, adding a layer of emotional depth that elevates the track.

The production quality of “Zitha Zam” is exceptional, with each element perfectly balanced to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

Tyler ICU & – Zitha Zam ft. Khalil Harrison

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