Umthakathi Kush, Tyler ICU & Tumelo_za – Lilizela



“Lilizela” is a hypnotic fusion of Amapiano and Afro-house, crafted by the collaborative genius of Umthakathi Kush, Tyler ICU, and Tumelo_za.

The track’s pulsating beat and infectious groove make it an instant dancefloor favorite, while its uplifting melody and soulful vocals add an element of joy and celebration to the mix.

Tyler ICU remains one of the biggest producers in the country. He recently delivered on S’dakwa Wav.files featuring CooperSA, Tumelo ZA, Ceeka RSA, Tyrone Dee, and Tiiger.

“Lilizela” is a testament to the power of music to unite people across cultures and borders, inviting listeners to come together and lose themselves in the rhythm of the moment.

With its irresistible energy and infectious charm, “Lilizela” is sure to leave a lasting impression on Amapiano enthusiasts everywhere.

Umthakathi Kush, Tyler ICU & Tumelo_za – Lilizela

Umthakathi Kush, Tyler ICU & Tumelo_za – Lilizelaa

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