Umuthi – Buya ft. Mawelele & Makhosi



Umuthi – Buya ft. Mawelele & Makhosi

“Buya” by Umuthi featuring Mawelele and Makhosi is a soul-stirring Afro-soul track that explores themes of longing and the desire for a lost love to return.

Umuthi’s vocal performance is filled with emotion and depth, conveying the depth of longing and heartache in the lyrics.

Mawelele and Makhosi add their own unique flavors to the track, creating a harmonious and emotive collaboration. Umuthi pulls this new one just after also dropping iCareer featuring Blaq Diamond.

The production is marked by lush instrumentals and a gentle rhythm that complements the lyrical content beautifully.

With its soulful melodies and poignant lyrics, “Buya” is a timeless love ballad that captures the essence of love and the hope for reconciliation, offering a musical expression of the universal experience of longing for lost love.

Umuthi – Buya ft. Mawelele & Makhosi

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