VIDEO: DJ Givy Baby, Sir Trill & Dinky Kunene – Buya



DJ Givy Baby, Sir Trill and Dinky Kunene release the official music video for Buya.

The track opens with a rhythmic pulse that immediately sets a vibrant and uplifting tone.

DJ Givy Baby, Sir Trill & Dinky Kunene’s synergy shines through, delivering a harmonious blend of their distinctive styles. “Buya” serves as a melodic invitation to celebrate life’s moments, capturing the essence of joy and camaraderie.

He made his recent when he dropped Ngikunika uThando featuring Sir Trill and Soa Mattrix.

This track’s lively rhythm and heartfelt vocals make it a standout addition to playlists seeking energetic and feel-good tunes, offering a fusion of groove and positivity that resonates with a diverse audience.


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