ZiwaBeatz, TitoM & Pcee – Ingozi ft. DJ Gabzy



ZiwaBeatz, TitoM & Pcee

“Ingozi” by ZiwaBeatz, TitoM & Pcee featuring DJ Gabzy is a dynamic collaboration that fuses the infectious rhythms of Amapiano.

This track is a celebration of groove, blending groovy basslines, energetic percussion, and catchy vocal hooks to create an electrifying atmosphere.

Major_Keys, Ceehle, and Yuppe recently worked together when they dropped ISQGOKO featuring TitoM.

The synergy between ZiwaBeatz, TitoM, Pcee, and DJ Gabzy is evident in the seamless flow of the track, which keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

“Ingozi” is not just a song; it’s a testament to the collective talent and creativity of these artists, offering a glimpse into the future of African dance music.

ZiwaBeatz, TitoM & Pcee – Ingozi ft. DJ Gabzy

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