Zwide – Wenhliziyo Yami ft. Umafikizolo & Umehlabomvu



“Wenhliziyo Yami” is a collaborative masterpiece featuring Zwide, the iconic duo Umafikizolo, and Umehlabomvu.

This track effortlessly intertwines the unique sounds of Amapiano with the soulful essence of South African Afro-pop.

Zwide’s production creates a rhythmic foundation, setting the stage for the distinctive vocals of Umafikizolo. The track unfolds as a heartfelt expression of love, and Umehlabomvu’s vocal contribution further enhances its emotive quality.

The synergy between Amapiano and Afro-pop elements in this collaboration demonstrates the genre’s versatility and its ability to resonate with a broad audience.

Zwide – Wenhliziyo Yami ft. Umafikizolo & Umehlabomvu

Zwide – Wenhliziyo Yamii ft. Umafikizolo & Umehlabomvu


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