Is this the downfall of Jub Jub?



Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye life had drastic change within the past twenty-four hours.

The rapper woke the sleeping lion after his interview on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill.

Jub spoke about how his babymama, Kelly Khumalo has denied him access to his son.

He revealed a shocking story about his relationship with Amanda du-Pont.

The TV personality prated about how Kelly bewitched him to break up with the actress.

Well, that was just the beginning of hell for him, as clips from the interview went viral which triggered Amanda to spill out all she’s graved in the deepest part of her heart for years.

Amanda took to social media as she was pissed at how Jub conveniently mentioned her name despite raping and abusing her for two years in the relationship.

She revealed that he tried to kill her; she sought for the help of the police but she was dismissed.

Just after spilling her truth, other victims whom Molemo raped spoke out.

Masechaba Ndlovu and an alleged cousin disclosed that they were also raped by Jub.

Well, there seem to be an unending list of victims, who have suffered at the hands of the Ndikhokhele hitmaker, as it was also seen on social media that he made advances to some women who worked with him.

Speaking of downfall, it was formerly believed that only Kelly Khumalo who was his ex-lover and baby mama did suffer at his hands, as there are photos of her disfigured face, but there are now lots of victims who are now confident to speak out publicly, thanks to Amanda.

Following the confession of these women, netizens took immediate steps to cancel the rapper.

It’s been also reported that some brands have terminated their contract with him and Mac G who interviewed him.

Moja Love channel whom Jub works with has reportedly parted ways with him.

In addition, Mzansi Twitter has re-visited his previous case(the killing of students in a car accident), which led him to prison.

Seeing how Jub Jub’s life is gradually hitting rock bottom for the second time, it’s sparked curiosity about his downfall.

He rose from the previous downfall, will he still rise again?


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