Rihanna reveals SA Top Singles of the Year




At a recent star-studded event, global icon Rihanna surprised fans and industry insiders with her unique music consumption perspective. When asked about her favorite album of the year, the Grammy-winning artist shared an unexpected revelation: she’s more inclined towards singles rather than albums.

Known for her chart-topping albums that have captivated audiences worldwide, Rihanna offered a fresh insight into her musical preferences. “I’m more of a single person,” she explained, sparking curiosity about her top picks in standalone tracks.

Amidst an atmosphere buzzing with anticipation, Rihanna unveiled her standout singles of the year. She mentioned two tracks which are surprisingly Amapiano songs. Among her notable mentions were “Mnike” by Tyler ICU and “Unavailable” by Davido and Musa Keys.

South Africans are in a proud moment as their genre is reaching its peak and gaining more recognition.

Mnike currently still stands as the song of the year in the country and Unavailable holds an amazing number of streams on all platforms.

These two songs have shown the country the waves are strong enough to reach the world!



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