Prince Kaybee’s view on Amapiano’s promotion



Prince Kaybee's view on Amapiano's promotion

Prince Kaybee has shared his view on Amapiano’s promotion in the industry. The wave of Amapiano is really moving fast in the industry and spreading its wings.

Prince Kaybee keeps elevating the Afro House genre but has been supporting the Amapiano genre recently. He recently showed support as he promoted Josiah De Disciple’s forthcoming album titled Spirit Of Makoela Vol. 2 (The Reintroduction).

The 4th Republic creator shared a new opinion to this industry on how Amapiano should be documented on Netflix.

“The Amapiano cats should compile a NetFlix special outlining the culture and its roots. And please the artists that left their genres to jump on the Amapiano wagon must not be in this, LET THE KIDS TELL THEIR STORY.”

As a welcoming idea to the growth of Amapiano, some still take the advice as an indirect insult to artists who left their genre for Amapiano.

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