LYRICS: A-Reece – Hibachi



LYRICS: A-Reece – Hibachi

LYRICS: A-Reece – Hibachi

Yo, my shit don’t fit the same, I’m gainin’ body weight
‘Cause I was on a beef diet, turnin’ rappers to Hibachi steak
Diagnosis of a pyro (Pyro)
Set the hydro on fire, smoke it up as I commemorate
The legends livin’ in the sky, nigga
Legends never die
After reigning as the king you evaporate (Facts)
That’s a fact not a forecast, nigga
I got the kind of drive impossible to format, nigga
Feeling like Neo inside the loading program, nigga
Was living like a nomad without a road map, sleeping on floor mats
Remember it was six niggas inside that one flat
And if you wasn’t therе you wouldn’t know that, nigga
Yeah, I finally made it out when thеy thought it would never happen, uh
I don’t take losses, I take affirmative action, uh
I am not a human, don’t classify me a mammal
When I enter the booth I’m synonymous to a dragon, uh
Lo’ and behold, no need to further elaborate
All that noise you makin’ I’m here to further eradicate
Long-awaited, stories of the unknown
False prophets get exposed, bones get excavated, yeah (Nigga)
False prophets get exposed, bones get excavated, uh


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