LYRICS: MashBeatz & Wordz – Talk About It ft. Priddy Ugly



MashBeatz & Wordz - Where the Og's ft. Mellow & Sleazy


LYRICS: MashBeatz & Wordz – Talk About It ft. Priddy Ugly

[Intro: Wordz]
Yeah, uh
Yeah, uh

[Verse 1: Wordz]
Sunday bookings
Bet they gon’ be makin’ reservations, me and Mash still cookin’
Saw my chance and I took it
Knife and fork in the cut
Stevie Wonder is how I did it all without even lookin’, yeah
Head to the sky
Modimo ha se sny hare bless’a di ny, yeah
Tell you no lie
Doin’ all this cookin’ batlo kgora ko haye

[Break: Priddy Ugly]
Yeah batlo kgora ko haye
I gotta get this Grammy before mokgono waka die
Before a kgotlela haye
Yeah batlo kgora ko haye

[Verse 2: Priddy Ugly]
Stop dressing up your lies, I would rather hеar the naked truth
Life’s likе chess, mate, check how you make your moves
Don’t buy into the things that weren’t made for you but pay your dues
Never sell your soul or get paid to lose
Yo, I ate a shroom
Knowin’ people dyin’ for a plate of food
Kill just to taste a spoon and still didn’t make the news
Fatigued by the hunger, you won’t know what it takes to chew
It got me feelin’ guilty ’bout the gold on my sabre-tooth
My past life, I was put to rest in an ancient tomb
I’m back to put to rest any statements that they may assume
The son of the God that made the soil and He made the moon
I hope you get your flowers and if not then I pray you bloom


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