LYRICS: Sipho the Gift – Dark Matter ft. Maglera Doe Boy



Sipho the Gift

LYRICS: Sipho the Gift – Dark Matter ft. Maglera Doe Boy

[Intro: Maglera Doe Boy]

[Verse 1: Maglera Doe Boy]

[Verse 2: Sipho The Gift]
Yeah, shout out Maglera one time
Shout out Oshoku (Hahah, yeah)
Sometimes I sleep deep
Sometimes I sleep deep, feel like Lazurus
Sweet dreams feel elaborate
So the raps steam is fueled by passionate
Rhyme schemes stay immaculate
Street Grammys fill the cabinet
Hmmm, ey
I rap because they need a poet
The scab on the knees will show it
So all this music feels heroic
But the black pain feeds the stoic
So I seize the moment
Young gifted and black, I bob and weave
Tailored with a couplе of trick under my sleeve
And I still write what I likе, that’s word to Steve
Had no chance at all in this fight, had to believe
Young nigga, check coast, eks op n a pos
Never been comfortable ever taking a loss
When calculating profit we compensated for cost
Marinated deep in my thoughts to make this sauce
Look how the product of dope dealing is hope dealing
The genesis of the gospel is bone-chilling
I feel like Weezy F baby, I got no ceiling
When you’re really bout it, ’bout it, there’s just no limit
They’re rapping for a cheque to debit
I rap because these sheep need shepherds
So this rap won’t die, won’t let it
Not depending on OGs for credit
Imma get it off merit;
I need pressed out suits for the RattPack
And a full Hazmat for the wack chats
I got more chest pains for the Asthmats
And I’m due the last laugh in the last act
King carnivorous, this is how the streets assembled us
A sweet kid turned so villainous
But the pen game is still as chivalrous
All we ask is please remember us
Father God please deliver us


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