LYRICS: Touchline – A South African Christmas



Touchline – A South African Christmas

LYRICS: Touchline – A South African Christmas

Ngicela sihlabe mbuzi for Mpura and kill a cow for Killa Kau
Angels live forever, that’s how I know they’re with us now
This isn’t home for none of us
It’s “Hi, Bye”, we’re in and out
Who dies first, me or the dreams I’ve written down?
When people clap for you, please watch the ones that are sitting down
Black people unite when it’s time to bring each other down
I know, I’ve been jealous too
But what does that do for me? So F that, I’ma learn from you
I’m sorry, I’m supposed to say “Merry Christmas”
Hope you’re more spiritual than you are religious
Hope you share the gift nabanye abantu if He grants your wishes
Appreciate your parents ’cause some people go through their mother’s and father’s pictures
That’s as close as they can get since Covid hit us
Life is what you make of it
You get punched heavily, Slik Talk made 100K from it
The whole world could love you but it’s gonna bring some hate with it
A broken nation couldn’t stick together if you stapled it
Ekse, ethunzini lokufa sbali
Izitha zami ziphethe iyikhali
Ngisinde kuze kuphukuke iskali
Ngibengelela ithuma lami ngilitshele ukuthi angingeni ngingekalifezi iphupho lami
Ngena egumbini lam’, ngihlabe idolo phansi ngibonge impilo
Far from being rich, but I’m no longer on zero
Too many black Twitter opinions
Not enough blacks making some millions
Captain of the ship, and in your head no matter what picture you have of me I really hope your captions are legit
Tell people the truth about me, don’t let capping be a thing
Fake news travels really quick
Angisafuni ukubona iOledi lilanda ama R350 eposini
Angisafuni ukubona iGriza le mpinchi yami lise ehosi
Jah bless the jobless, I don’t worship objects
But please God, let the whip be topless
I’m sorry, I’m supposed to say “Merry Christmas”
Hard to celebrate when tryna revive our dead ambitions
No diluting the message, when people die looting
Neighbours buy muthi to get us
When I take top spot, you can fly to me whenever
Top tier, so you can come crying to me whenever
And I didn’t mean to break your heart, that’s not what this was
I’m supposed to say “Merry Christmas”


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