AKA chooses his fans’ support over celebrities



AKA savages fan that asked for album date

AKA appears on social media again, but this time he commends his fans great support towards his music.

He speaks more about being the “anti celebrity’s celebrity”. He gives the credits to his fans for always supporting him and not the known celebrities.

“I don’t need the support of celebrities to be successful in ANYTHING I do … they don’t buy shit, you do.”

Supa Mega has made his fans know he doesn’t have anything to do with the country’s celebrities. According to him, he also explained to his fans he does not go to their parties, hang in their cliques or go to their houses because they have nothing to fan him, but his fans do.

“I don’t hang out in their cliques … I don’t go to their houses, attend their Lil parties & dinners because when it comes to “celebrity” culture in this country, I am the alpha and the O-MEGA.”

Mega’s fans are so happy to hear this because apart from the fights he engages in online, he takes this time seriously commending them.

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