AKA mentioned Kamo Mphela on “Mass Country” album: See reaction



AKA and Kamo Mphela

AKA mentions Kamo Mphela on one of the songs on his Mass Country album.

It’s disheartening to many fans, friends and colleagues that the rapper isn’t alive to witness the release of the album, but it’s also comforting to them that the project is doing pretty well.

AKA mocked those who think they are as good as the dancer on the song titled, Mbuzi.

He said, “okay you got a few think you’re Kamo Mphela.

Kamo expressed excitement and she feels honoured to be mentioned by the rap star.

She calls it a blessing.

Taking to Instagram, Kamo Mphela expressed appreciation and paid tribute to the late star; she also shared video clips of people flexing the lyrics.

“Full circle moment being name-dropped by a legend on his last ever album, I ain’t one to speak much on my emotions but they really took away from us, ONLY GOD UNDERSTAND’s,” she wrote.

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