AKA on surviving 5 months without income



AKA was one of South African artists who lamented while the Lockdown was intense early this year.

The rapper said he was broke, and some fans didn’t believe.

However, taking to social media this Wednesday, Supa Mega said he’s privileged to go 5 months without an income, despite having responsibilities.

AKA then expressed his concern about people, especially other artists who don’t have any means of survival during these trying period for the past 5 months.

“I have a team of people who rely on me, I can’t perform, I can’t sell my product and I cant tour. While I might be privileged, the same cannot be said for so many artists and start ups in this country who have gone for 5 months without income,” he said.

Meanwhile, the rapper rebuked SA government on the alcohol ban. Aside having an alcohol brand(Cruz Vodka), he was also troubled over the increase in job loss, especially with the ban on alcohol.

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