AKA wins at AFRIMMA 2023




AKA, real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes was announced winner of the Best Male Southern African Artist of the year at the AFRIMMA 2023.

The Africa Muzik and Magazine Awards held on Sunday night, 17th of September, with Nadia Nakai (the girlfriend of the late rapper) as a co-host of the event.

Vth Season announced AKA’s recent win and shared a video of the award won.


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Kiernan has been securing wins despite being dead as his last project, Mass Country amassed a laudable success.

Recently, the mother of the deceased, Lynn Forbes received the rapper’s Artist of the Year award at the Content Creators Awards 2023.

“As a mother, I believe Kiernan was not of this world. He was bigger than this world. He lived large, loved large and expressed himself … large. I knew my son in life but in death, he is teaching me deeper, more meaningful things about his life and who he really was as a person. Kiernan is written into history. My son is a legend and he will live forever. His legacy will never end,” she said.

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