AKA’s grave visited by strangers (Video)



Mzansi reacts to strangers visiting AKA’s grave

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ grave has received love from fans within the past weeks.

The rapper’s death was a shock to many; the manner in which he was killed left many heartbroken.

Kiernan was brutally shot and killed in front of a restaurant in Durban.

The family gave him a private funeral ceremony, but his grave has become accessible to the public, as people have taken to social media to share photos taken with his tombstone.

The photos have garnered mixed reactions; while some think it is weird, others say it is an affirmation that the rapper was truly loved.

“I really don’t know how to feel about this hey, this is the fourth Tik Tok I’ve seen this week. Forbes fam should have gone for a private cemetery,” a tweep wrote.

“It’s getting weird,” another wrote.

“Me personally as a parent this would console me ukuthi my kid left an impact and he was loved and I don’t have to worry about going to the grave everyday because I know people who love him go visit him too ..unless if the grave is being vandalised,” a tweet reads.

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