Ambitiouz Entertainment mocks Flvme – “He can’t fill up a classroom”



Ambitiouz Entertainment fires shot at their former signee, Flvme after news of Uncle Vinny’s 19th birthday party shook the internet.

On Saturday, Vinny got lots of mind-blowing titles, such as, Legend, Most Influential etc. after filling up Braam streets for his birthday celebration.

While everyone got inspired by the huge crowd that turned up for him, Ambitiouz Entertainment decides to mock Flvme.

Sharing a funny meme, the label jested the rapper by celebrating Vinny’s birthday success; believing the rapper can’t get South Africans to fill up his concert.

“Flvme watching Vinny filling up Braam streets when he can’t even fill up a classroom.

However, the rapper gave a mild response to the attack.

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