Black Coffee explains why he isn’t playing Zakes Bantwini’s song, “Osama”



Black Coffee has publicly cleared the air about his relationship with Zakes Bantwini after saying he won’t be playing the unreleased hit song, Osama.

The international DJ got people lashing out at him after saying he won’t be playing Zakes’ unreleased hit song, but said he loved it.

South Africans cancelled Coffee and called him all sort of names.

Returning to Twitter, Black Coffee said there’s no bad blood between himself and Zakes, but they’ve both agreed to not have a working relationship.

“No there’s no conflict, we had our differences and both agreed not to have a working relationship anymore,” he tweeted.

Black Coffee claimed he is in support of the Kunye series, and how it’s helped to shine other new artists.

“Also contrary to popular belief I love Kunye, love that the scene is growing & more of this music & artists can get more exposure. Just want to see everyone win, let’s collaborate with one another if we can without taking from each other that’s definitely how we gonna win.”


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