Boohle reveals why she hasn’t lost herself despite the fame




Boohle, real name Buhle Manyathi opens up about her success as a musician.

The singer is regarded as one of the most powerful vocalists in the industry, especially in the Amapiano genre.

She tells TshishaLIVE that the journey has been great, and she’s learnt a lot about the music industry.

“It’s been a great journey for me. All the transitions I’ve had have been quite amazing because I’m doing what I love. Every difficulty, every fun moment has contributed to the person that I am right now. I’ve learnt a lot about the music industry and it has made me the artist I am today,” she said.

Boohle further revealed how her church background has helped her to remain humble despite the fame.

“I’m so thankful that I started in church. My parents are still church leaders and it keeps me grounded. Even though I am not doing gospel you can still hear the religious elements in my music which is what we know as amapiano today.”

“It’s important to put the message out there so people know me for who I am. I haven’t lost myself so I don’t want them to forget who I am either. I always have my head down and check myself,” she added.

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