Cassper Nyovest advises men against having sexual relationship with every attractive women (Video)



Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest gets candid with men who love to sleep around, especially with every attractive woman they meet.

The South African rapper shared a video, where he addressed men, and also spoke from his experience.

“Good morning y’all, today I wanna talk about s*x. I know this sounds funny but there’s a message that I’ve always wanted to share with my brothers who might be on the same journey as me,” Cassper said.

“My experience with what I’ve learnt about you know our relationship with sex and our relationship with women that we meet. We lose out on a lot of beautiful experiences or beautiful friendships because we want to have sex with every attractive woman that we meet.”

Nyovest said some of these women might turn out to be very helpful with something in the future, hence men should shun trying to get under their skirts and create friendship.

“We want to have sex with every woman who is interested in us, who wants to have a conversation with us which we find interesting or attractive. And we dont know how much we lose on, for instance, you meet someone at a party or a library, wherever, at the mall and something is attracting you to her.

“You might think that it’s only her looks but it’s probably not. It’s possible that this person was sent to help you with something in your future. You meet her, and you guys have sex and a few weeks later you guys dont speak anymore because you have concluded your relationship to be a sexual one. A few weeks later you go through something and not know that this person that you met, was supposed to be the vessel that gets you over this hurdle,” Cassper added.

He further shared his personal experience.

“I personally experienced that recently in my life, I dont like giving personal experiences but I think it’s the easiest way to make the next person relate.”

“I met a lady a while ago and when I met her I was interested in her and I wanted to have a sexual relationship with her. But we didn’t meet because she went through something, and I just thought she was just like ghosting me for no reason.”

“I recently faced a challenge in my life, and she reached out to me, she’s been so helpful in navigating what I was going through, and I just thought about the fact that when I met this lady I really wanna get into some pants. Little did I know that God was sending me a vessel, an angel, someone to help me.”

“So I just wanna share this message with all the gents out there to say you know, not every woman that you meet that you’re attracted to is meant to be a sexual partner,” he said.

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