Cassper Nyovest compares himself to Jay Z



Cassper Nyovest compares himself to Jay Z

Cassper Nyovest compared his music career to Jay Z when a Twitter user said he’s not young. Cassper and his fans are taking over social media currently as he spends quality time with them. The discussion started when a fan said he is the richest musician in South Africa. He denied the claim by listing the richer musician than him in the industry. He also accepted the claim by saying he can only approve the fact he’s the richest in this younger generation.

A fan took to him by saying he’s not young anymore and doesn’t deserve to call himself with the younger generation. Mufasa compared himself to Jay Z that he dropped his first album at age 26 and became a billionaire today at age 50 while he’s still in his late 20’s.

“Im very youngish!!! I’m 29. My life is just getting started. Jay Z dropped his first album when he was 26 years old. Today he is a billionaire at 50 years old.”


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