Details on Costa Titch’s memorial service



Constantinos Tsobanoglou whose stage name is Costa Titch will be honoured in a memorial service that is to take place this week.

It was reported that the memorial service ought to take place on Thursday but it was postponed due to the late rapper’s fans.

“As we know, Costa was about inclusivity and unity, he would have loved to have everyone who he loved and who supported him be there.

“Thank you for understanding and the continuous love and support you have shown the family, friends and team.”

The new date released is Saturday, 18 March 2023, and it will take place at Bloom, 14 Hawley Rd, Bedfordview.

The dress code for the memorial service is black with a touch of green.

There will be a second memorial service which will take place at his home in Mpumalanga.

Meanwhile, the first service has limited tickets for those who wants to attend, and they are not for sale.

See details in post below:

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