DJ Franky – “ANC is corrupt and its members need to be jailed”



South African DJ Franky isn’t taking any of ANC political party deeds lightly, and he believes the members ought to be jailed.

An interview with an ANC member on eNCA TV channel was shared on Twitter,

The interviewer was seen questioning the party memeber on the many failed promises made.

Looking at the video, the member seem to be short of words for his response.

The interviewer then shared the video on Twitter, captioned with: “Andidikwe! We are done, I am done! Fed-up with corruption, plans to fight corruption, resolutions on how to combat it, empty promises.”

Reacting to this post, DJ Franky furiously said South Africans need to stop voting for the “corrupt” ANC party.

ANC is corrupt and its members need to be jailed, I also think South Africans must stop voting for them. You on the other hand need to go back to training, you are interviewing yourself, not allowing @pulemabe to speak. You shouldve gone live on IG instead of wasting our time!” he tweeted.

The DJ ain’t the only celeb to lament about the party, AKA also recently dragged the party and said he would be running for presidency under a different and new party.

It’s interesting to note that the Megcy (AKA’s fan) gave their full support.

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