DJ Speedsta says he is single (Video)



DJ Speedsta

DJ Speedsta confirms for the second time in a year that he is indeed single.

On the Love and Hip Hop reality show, the hip-hop star disclosed the state of his bedroom, detailing its disorganized state which is caused by his sneakers and clothes.

Speaking to a friend who visited, Speed said he wished he had a lady in his life.

“This is time where I wish I had a lady in my life,” he said.

The friend talked about the essentiality of having a woman; he says they help hold things down.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, the DJ opened up about being single and married to the game after he was questioned about, “which rapper can still his girl.”

After much thought, Speedsta says no rapper can steal his girl except Amapiano musicians like Daliwonga.

He further stated that he has no girl.

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