DJ Speedsta to Nasty C – “Your album is sh!t and over hyped”



Nasty C trends on social media as DJ Speedsta cancels him alongside his new album, Zulu Man With Some Power.

The hip-hop DJ found a video of Nasty C in an interview, and the rapper addressed the issue between himself and the DJ.

Reacting to the rapper’s talks, Speedsta said:

“Like I said earlier … Love all my DJ’s but I compete with these guys when it comes to music. Here’s this guy in the 3rd interview saying I’m “jealous of him” A DJ IS JEALOUS OF A ARTIST’S SUCCESS??

A Twitter follower cautioned the DJ, saying he shouldn’t degrade himself just because he wants to get back at Nasty C.

He replied the fan with: “I know. Nasty is one of those kids!! Met the guy in dirty sneakers walking, begging me & Sketchy to work!! couple years later he thinks his God. I’m sorry but I’m gonna stay on his neck!!! He’s a small boy, Keep my Fu**en name out your mouth in your interviews! I’m not playing!”

DJ Speedsta revealed that some friends in the industry called him after spilling out anger on Twitter, but he stands on the claim that Nasty C’s new album is over-hyped and thrash.

Apologies & thank you to all my industry friends who have called me. I’m really sorry but f**k this kid!!! Keep my name out your mouth in your interviews!!! Your album is sh*t by the way!!! Way too over hyped @Nasty_CSA.”

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