Don Design opens up on receiving death threats



AKA and Don Design

Don Design says he receives death threats following the death of his friend, Kiernan AKA Forbes.

On the 10th of February, Don witnessed how the rap star was shot on Florida road in Durban and died.

The CCTV footage of the gruesome killing surfaced on social media and analytics concluded that the musician is involved in the killing.

Despite the Forbes dismissal of the rumor, Nota Baloyi and some social media users demanded answers from Design.

Don Design marked his birthday but took to his Instagram stories, saying it’s his worst better ever.

“Another year around the sun, this is the worst birthday ever. From death threats to my character being assassinated on every social media platform every day,” he wrote.

“I still have to wake up in the morning to work and be able to provide for my family. None of this makes sense.:

Design says he is with his family, getting the help needed.

Don then directed a message to “fake” friends. He added: “I don’t need any of you fake people checking up on me. I’m with my family and getting help. None of y’all can fathom half the s**t I gotta go through.”

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