Heavy K denies trolling Black Coffee’s “Subconsciously” album (Video)



Heavy K reacts to Mac G’s claim that he (the DJ) called Black Coffee’s Grammy album, Subconsciously pap (an overrated project).

Taking to Twitter, Drumboss shared a video clip from the interview he had on Mac’s Podcast and Chill; the DJ simply said he preferred the old Black Coffee to the new because he was inspired back in the days by the old version of the Grammy winner.

Heavy K admits attending the show but condemned the lies cooked by the podcast host.

“One thing I won’t allow is for people to lie on my name or project me as something I’m not just to push their narrative, apparently this is what I said about @RealBlackCoffee when I was at this @podcastwithmacg,” K wrote.

Heavy K urged people to watch and compare the main interview he had on the show with the episode where Mac G claimed he rubbished Black Coffee’s album and judge the situation.

The DJ also sent the Grammy winner a message privately in other to clear the air, and Black Coffee said he would have questioned Heavy K if he truly claimed his the album was pap.

Check out the chat below:


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