“I’m back from the dead” – iFani to AKA



Local rapper, iFani, whose real name is Mzayifani Boltina takes to social media to get AKA’s attention.

iFani trends upon calling out AKA in a tweet which reads; “Let me go tell AKA, I’m back from the DEAD”.

Social media users dragged the local rapper for chasing clout with Supa Mega.

For years, it’s been believed by lots of people that he’s quitted music, but he addressed the rumor this year and refutes the claim.

“I didn’t quit music: My priorities have shifted and I now have time to do things I don’t have time for before.”

He said that he now has time for his son and himself.

However, back to today, Monday, when he tried dissing AKA, but failed, as Supa Mega was not mindful of him.

Here is AKA’s reaction:

Other tweeps be like:

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