Inside Prince Kaybee’s new drama with NaakMusiQ – Mercedes Benz vs BMW



Prince Kaybee’s new Twitter energy is on NaakMusiQ, as the duo delved into a misunderstanding.

It’s not news that Naak loves BMW rides, and he recently showed off his many collection for years.

Taking to Twitter, the multi-talented actor shared a photo of himself and his BMW ride.

Kaybee started another Twitter drama when he commented on Naak’s photo.  Tweeps dragged him for seeking attention.

“I studied the comments in this post, I then understood if it was me that posted the same picture with my Merc I was gnna seem arrogant, there were gnna be the nastiest comments to a point people say I rent my cars so I realized I’m playing on unfair ground. Enjoy your Bmw abuti,” the DJ said.

NaakMusiQ shuns Prince’s acts by refuting claims of bragging.

“I drove BMWs long before you got your first Merc… That’s not me bragging. Just me simply pointing out that banters about the 2 brands is something I’ve engaged in long before you eventually surfaced. Tshini.”

Prince Kaybee responded with claims that he isn’t trying to beef or start a Twitter war with him. It was just a misunderstanding.

“Oh this is why. I was just responding to many of the tweeps in your status because of the many tags I got like you have done several times on my post. I did not think its a problem I apologize.”

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