J Molley trolls Flvme and The Big Hash



J Molley starts beef with The Big Hash and Flvme

J Molley mocks Flvme and The Big Hash after slamming claims of being irrelevant.

The rapper brags about being on the SA Hip Hop reality show as the two other rappers are not on it.

“Honestly, I’m not trying to bore you guys and I said I won’t speak about this again, but after seeing those four-hundred comments on Freshmanmag. You guys saying this guy is irrelevant then why are four hundred of you guys talking about me if I’m so irrelevant, why did I get picked on one of the biggest TV reality shows in Africa?”

He further attacked Flvme after being dragged by his fans.

“I made that post as a joke, I do jokes all the time, I say dumb sh*t all the time, and it meant nothing to me, I didn’t even think about it. You all posted it online, you all posted with four-hundred posts trying to start wars with me, Hash fans coming at me, Flvme fans coming at me, of course you gonna ride for your boys,” he said.

Molley says he is bigger than the two other rappers as he makes better music than them.

“But don’t tell me Flvme is bigger than me in music, he makes f*cking music for the dumbest masses. I talk about philosophy, religion, spirituality, intellectual sh*t, and science. Go listen to my music, I’m not one of them boys. Hash don’t even f*cking come at me, you are my son dawg,” J Molley stated.

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