J’Something covers Hillsong United’s “Ocean” (Video)



J’Something gave fans chills with a rendition of one of Hillsong United’s hit single, Ocean.

Taking to social media, the South African shared a video of himself pouring out his emotions on the song which he covered.

He further penned down what the song means to him and his wife.

“This song means so much to us. It pulled us through some of the darkest times in our life … until today it remains a go too for restoration and I guess a fueling of the flame of faith,” he said.

“I hope this acoustic version speaks to you. I am convinced that our creator is bigger than any box we could ever place God in so what ever “faith” you have subscribed too my only wish is that we can connect on something I believe we all value … LOVE.”

“My wife and I both shared a tear whilst recording this,” he added.

Check out video below: