Kabza De Small sparks beef rumor with DJ Stokie



Kabza De Small has sparked a beef rumor with DJ Stokie.

The King of Amapaino caught people’s attention with a now-deleted tweet against Stokie.

Stokie a.k.a Setoki Mbatha was recently interviewed on Kaya FM 95.9, and he talked about how he met Kabza De Small and how his music career progressed.

Reacting to the interview, Kabza called Setoki an ungrateful being.

“Ungrateful niggars ba bonka nge plate lamasimba. I did your first album bra yonke, and then this is how you thank me, I gave you hits ai,” he said in a deleted tweet.

The tweet got people curious which led to people listening to the interview, and it was deduced that Kabza misinterpreted Stokie’s statement, hence, the overreaction.

“Kabza has listening problems. Dj Stokie praised Kabza a lot and even said he learned producing Amapiano from Kabza. He even said Kabza and Phori helped with the album. Kabza wa hlanya yana,” a tweet said.

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