Master KG says there’s no drama with him and Nomcebo



Master KG speaks about his relationship with Nomcebo Zikode during a recent interview.

The Jerusalema hit song which they worked on has caused a dispute between them and their relationship is vague to many, as Nom who is the main vocalist said she’s not received a dime from the song despite its huge success.

According to Drum, KG who produced the song said there is a misunderstanding, but he has no drama with the singer.

“There is no drama with me and Nomcebo, just a misunderstanding here and there,” he says.

“The issues are with her and Open Mic, not me. We don’t have an issue, well, from my side. She said she was not paid. At the end of the day, the masters are owned by Open Mic, both her and I are just performing artists, and they need to resolve the issue with splits and stuff,” he explains.

He also said they hardly speak but they react to each others social media posts with like.

“We haven’t spoken in a long time, I see her posts and I like them. I also understand that she is busy, and we are always touring. Maybe soon, when the matter is resolved we will get together and celebrate the success of the song.” Master KG added.

The DJ said he will like to work with her and he credited the two of them for the success of the hit song.

“I would definitely like to make more music with Nomcebo in the future. She has her own unique style and her own way of making things happen. I believe the success of the song was not from one side. It was me and her getting together and making it happen.”


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