Master KG’s “Jerusalema” has over 1 billion views on Tik Tok



Master KG announces on social media that “Jerusalema” has over a billion views on Tik Tok.

The music producer is amazed at the growth the song has within over 5 months.

Observing his reaction to his wins, the DJ assumed the song won’t go this far, but as it is now, the love the song has gotten is beyond KG’s control.

Taking to Twitter, he announced that it’s garnered a billion views.

“Jerusalema Has Over A Billion Views On Tik Tok Alone Damm Bro This Song Doesn’t Wanna Stop!!!!! THIS is Freaking Amazing,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, it was reported on Tuesday that Master KG is the first African artist with the biggest music video on YouTube, as the video of the hit song reached over 350 million views.

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