Moonchild Sanelly sends love to Makhadzi



Moonchild Sanelly motivates Makhadzi with her story of losing millions as a musician in South Africa.

The Bashiri singer didn’t go into details but she empathised with the Ma Gear hitmaker who seemed to be frustrated by actions taken by Open Mic Productions.

Days ago, the music company auto-renewed Makhadzi’s contract without her consent.

The company and the artists are settling legally, but the singer has furthered with the launch of her record label, where she will be dropping her forthcoming EP, Auto-Renewal.

In a tweet sent to Makhadzi, Moon wrote: “Sending my love to @MakhadziSA. You’ve got this boo They cleaned out my millions in SA & I just bought a house having started from scratch again Ur the money!!! Always remember that!!! You’ll be ok baby It’s gonna be a chapter in your best-selling book of life. Let them laugh.”

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