Msaki’s final gig guide



Msaki announces her final gig guide after revealing that she will be taking a hiatus from music.

“I just wanna thank everyone for this incredible outpouring of love and support. I wanna thank my day 1’s that are still with me that bought my first album in advance and who gave me my independence. Please also understand why I have to leave this space. Please release me. I may seem weak because I let this get to me,” she wrote in an official statement

“But I am sensitive and sentimental, an empath (this is my most valuable creativity tool), and my skin is not thick. It is porous so I feel the changes in the breeze. I’m moved quickly and deeply and I understand this may be abnormal. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but I know some of you get it,” she continued.

The singer is believed to have taken a break due to the reports of having an affair with Smash Afrika.

The final gig is to start from February of this year to July, and the gigs will take place at different venues.


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