Nadia Nakai’s exposed butt lands her in trouble (Video)



Nadia Nakai at Cotton Fest Cape Town 2023

Nadia Nakai gets dragged for revealing much skin at the Cotton Fest Cape Town that took place over the weekend.

The rapper is known to be free about her body, but it appears fans are not pleased with her appearance at the festival.

Bragga shared a snippet of her performance at the show, but the post garnered negative reactions as many slammed her and labelled her an attention seeker.

Some of the comments include:

“Bathong,so you can’t perform if your butt is covered, what’s this 😂😢. You’re a beautiful human,but cover-up your bum. What,?Won’t they hear you or see you if you cover your bum girl hayy suka. Well it’s none of my business. ”

“What In The Desperation Of Seeking Attention Is This 😳😳😳? I Wish The Lord Almighty Punishes Y’all For Setting A Bad Example For Kid’s.”

“AKA is proud tho but the dress no way.”

“Wait did I just see Zodwa somewhere on that stage 😢😢😢😢”

“Good music, Good performance but dial it down on the nudity please.”

“AKA would have said, do u have to be naked to be relevant?”


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