Nasty C – “I don’t own all of my music”



Nasty C claims to own some of his songs despite being signed to a record label.

The issue of song ownership in the music industry has been infectious, as it mars some artists’ careers after years of being depressed for not owning their songs.

Speaking about himself, Nasty claims there are some songs he doesn’t own but he owns more.

He also goes ahead to enlighten people on the relationship between a record label and its artists.

“I own most of my music, I’m in a partnership right now, in a record label deal,” he said. “So how that works is, you release the music to them right, you give the music to them and they own it for however long and then at a certain period you get it back.” Nasty C explained.

Like as per agreement the projects as they come out of this term belong to the thing (record label) and it’s like yeah cool fine my money, so no I don’t own all of my music I own most of

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