Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade hypes Lady Zamar



The music industry has been a platform where various musicians from different countries can show each other some love and still come together to create something mind blowing.

However, women are really supporting each other more than ever in the industry and it’s always so inspiring to see female celebs having each other’s back.

This is seen in the case of Lady Zamar recently received acknowledgement from Nigerian superstar singer, Yemi Alade.

Lady Zamar was thrilled and so happy that one of her faves also considers her a fave.

Yemi tweeted, “Lady Zamar (is) such a star.” 

Lady Zamar responded, “Oh my gosh, I’m screaming. I love you so much.”

Lady Zamar is certainly out here doing the most as she’s also working on a song with another Mzansi fave, Prince Kaybee.

Also, Prince Kaybee said the song was sounding magical and almost guaranteed to be a hit.

Another awesome development in Lady Zamar’s life is her successful weight loss journey.

The star recently shared the amazing progress she’s made with her fans.

Zamar is overall smaller and her waist is looking trim and cinched, honey!

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