Prince Kaybee flaunts stunning spot in his crib – Photo



Prince Kaybee shows off one of his favourite spots in his house, and it’s quite mind-blowing.

The DJ claims it’s his 3rd favourite place in his house, and he’s been away from home for the past 3 months.

“My 3rd favorite spot at the crib, been over 3months away from home. Good to be back,” he captioned post.

Upon getting home, Kaybee takes his already won SAMA26 awards and arranged it on the shelf in that room.

The only thing spotted in that room are his past wins and expensive drinks.

Some of his followers were wowed at the number of wins they counted on the shelf.

Recently showing off his SAMA wins, the DJ bagged 4 awards and he’s super excited for the recognitions.

Check out photo of his 3rd fave spot below:

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