Prince Kaybee says he’s frustrated as Black Coffee surpasses him on music chart



Prince Kaybee opens up on his frustration whenever he isn’t at the top, especially on music charts.

A list for the most streamed songs in South Africa was released and the DJ was spotted on number 2 with the hit single, Fetch Your Life, featuring Msaki.

As much as you might want to believe that it’s just a pure frustration, it could also be that Black Coffee triggered the frustration feelings, as the international DJ was spotted on number 1 with the song Drive.

“I get so frustrated when I’m not number 1. Its a problem for me. But guess we’ll try again next year,” Prince Kaybee tweeted.

The two DJs are known not to be in a friendly space, as Kaybee recently spilled out his dislike for him on social media.

Meanwhile, Kaybee made it known last week, that South Africans don’t celebrate and acknowledge his wins enough.

“I wish someone else could’ve gotten the nod, really tired of these wins and don’t get celebrated enough, I mean even the person reporting this couldn’t even tag me. But this is nice.”


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