Prince Kaybee shares his “before and after” love challenge



The “Before And After” challenge has been trending for a while on Twitter as lovers show how it started with them and how it is currently.

South Africans have been joining the challenge with amazing stories from most people. Making it more lively, our very own Prince Kaybee shares how it started with him and his girlfriend and how things are currently with them.

Prince Kaybee showed us that apart from using words to engage in battles with people, he could also use them in using in making a lady smile.

The love life started from Instagram where Kaybee introduced himself in such a pleasing approach to Zola and to which all started from there.

Sharing their current state is something we all know about, Kaybee recently celebrated Zola’s birthday in such a grand state which he proved his love to her in a new dimension.

Seeing how things are with the lovers, everyone would definitely want to be in love too.

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