Prince Kaybee to go legal against side chick



Prince Kaybee is set to take legal action against lady who shared his nud* photo on social media.

A young lady whom the DJ worked with claimed he cheated on her girlfriend, Zola with her.

After dragging the issue, Kaybee later said it was just a 5 year fling, but he later accepted cheating on Zola, and he apologised to her, his mom and the public.

While the lady made effort to prove that she and the DJ were a thing, she also shared a photo revealing his eggplant, which caused an uproar on social media since Tuesday night.

South Africans have been provoking the DJ with talks about his d!ck.

Prince Kaybee urged people to stop it, but he later said he will be going legal against the lady, and lots of fans have given him the support.

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