Prince Kaybee uses Cassper’s as a meme in replying a fan



Prince Kaybee goes for Cassper this time as he used his photo as a meme in replying a fan.

Giving his fans some relationship advice, Prince Kaybee calls out is fans’ attention to “cheating”.

During the lows of a relationship, Prince Kaybee advises that is not an excuse to start flirting – “The lows of a relationship don’t mean start flirting”.

As a loyal student following the lecture from Prince Kaybee, a fan dropped her opinion on the matter that flirting also is not cheating and it can be allowed if necessary – “Flirting is not cheating thou”.

Getting juicier, Kaybee looks for the best meme he could use in replying the fan, breaking the suspense, he looked for a Cassper’s photo of him where he appeared stressed and confused as a meme in replying.

Is Prince Kaybee trying to go after Cassper this time around? Fans are waiting patiently for Mufasa to be awake and share his view with them on the matter.

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