#ProjectHope: Prince Kaybee competes with Idols SA?



Prince Kaybee announced creating an album titled Project Hope with 10 female fans on Saturday.

After thinking long and hard I realized its unfair to choose one lady because of the overwhelming talent displayed. Instead I have chosen 10 winners. Each winner gets to do a song with me, we will then compile an album called #ProjectHope.

He got accolades for such idea, however, some fans dragged in one of SA best talent show, Idols SA.

While the DJ spilled out thought of making the project annual, a few Twitter users hyped such idea, claiming it’s better than Idols.

However, the music producer instantly claimed he isn’t competing with anyone or organization.

This will open doors for 10 talented musicians more than that Sunday show with judges who don’t sing,” fan said.

Kaybee responded with, “No man, I am not tryna compete with anyone. Lets keep this in a positive light.

Speaking about the project, he said:

#ProjectHope will have different genres and will give this raw talent a chance. It will be sold on all digital platforms across the internet and the artists will benefit from the sales.”

I will personally produce these songs and other talented musicians to give you guys quality music. It is going to test my versatility but its worth a try. #ProjectHope winners will each get amazing prizes after recording the album.



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