SA rapper, Riky Rick’s babershop on SA billboard



Riky Rick is overwhelmed with his achievement outside music and believes, his late father wiil be proud of him.

In 2019, the rapper announced the launch of a new business, barbershop.

Despite being affected during COVID-19, Riky didn’t give up.

Taking to social media, the star shared a photo of his barbarshop advert on a billboard in South Africa.

Riky expressed his joy on Instagram, saying he’s proud of his deeds, as he has a business his children will inherit.

He’s also glad it’s a black owned business.

“My father probably smiling from heaven right now 😢 Not because I’m on another billboard, but because I’m on a billboard for something my children will actually inherit one day. LEGACY. 100% BLACK OWNED. 100% BLACK OPERATED.

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