See what made L-Tido invite Nadia Nakai to his studio



L-Tido and Nadia Nakai will be dropping a song together, but details surrounding it is yet to be disclosed.

The duo agreed on an unplanned collabo due to an event which occurred between them on social media.

Tido tweeted about women who take their men’s hoodie.

“Ladies taking your man’s hoodie and not bringing it back is stealing,’ he said.

Fans and celebs reacted, as many didn’t agree with the claim, including Nadia who responded with:

“Men flirting over text is cheating.”

No Favors hitmaker didn’t mind her response, but was rather stunned by the “-ing” rhymes at the end of their sentences.

Tido appreciated the rhymes and said they should get in the studio together.

“Lol! that actually rhymes with my sentence . Let’s get in the booth”

Nadia Nakai excitedly says she’s ready.

Expect a song from the two rappers.

How will it sound, hit/miss?

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