Stogie T – I don’t think we have a classic SA hip-hop album



Stogie T thinks there are not classic SA hip hop album

Lyricist Stogie T says the South African Hip Hop industry has not produced a classic album over the past 5 decades.

In celebrating the existence of rap music over the past years, Stogie, A-Reece, and Moozlie discussed about the genre and its evolution.

The renowned rapper, who is highly respected in the game claims all of the albums released over the years are not classics.

However, he stated that Emtee’s Avery album is close to being a classic.

“I don’t think we have a classic SA album, I don’t think we have, I think classic is unskippable, definitely reliability and what it did for other people,” Stogie T said.

“I think the closest to me being a classic is Avery. It’s the closest is like when I hear that album top to bottom I go it pretty much got that guy, there’s that battle rapper in me that’s like I wish he had a little bit,” said Stogie T.

He also didn’t exclude his album from the talks.

“Remember I’ve released albums in this country too, so I’m also saying mine are not classics that’s what I’m saying, so hear it in that sense,” he added.

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